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Updated: Apr 25, 2021

In this time of coronavirus, be sure to do something special for your child's birthday.

Hire the Clown Frangolino now with a 30% discount. I do the show on your driveway, front yard or some other place of your choice keeping social distance.

If you prefer online, the discount is 50%.

Thank you so much for everything today!! You were incredible - the kids loved you!! You are very talented!!!" Nikki Haramoglis - PTA

The Clown

Frangolino Clown is highly skilled and experienced in the art of circus. He can be best described as a "circus man" as he rides a unicycle while juggling, mime, and stilt walking.

Actor Flávio Domeni (Frangolino Clown) is the founder of Gira Circo, a circus company based in Brazil. Graduated as a Physical Education teacher and has worked as an actor and clown since 2001. He also graduated from Actor School Brazil in 2003. He studied theater and circus with famous circus artists such as Avner The Excentric (USA), Philippe Gaulier (England/France), Payaso Chacovachi and Tomate (Argentina) besides taking related courses at the Galpao do Circo and at La Mínima.(Brazil)

Frangolino has performed in China and the U.S besides his home country Brazil, and has been featured on television shows, performed at circus and theater festivals, business events and private parties.

Frangolino Clown becomes Doctor Frangolino when he visits patients in hospitals and health centers in São Paulo, Brazil, bringing smiles to the faces of patients and their families, as well as doctors and nurses through the outreach programs Olhar do Palhaço and Circoterapia.

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